1. When Breath Becomes Air 

This book is POWERFUL, well written and insightful. Dr. Paul Kalanithi will take you from his days as a practicing Neurosurgeon to his days as a patient diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. This book brings you on a journey about Dr. Kalanithi’s life from his early days of how he got into his chosen occupation to his marriage and his final days of his death in March of 2015. This book will not only open your mind, but will make you appreciate your present days. If there is only thing you should know about this book, is that it WILL breathe new air into you.

Read it here: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi


2. The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying

A mother of two, and in her late 30’s, Nina Riggs gets diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Being a direct descendant of  Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great writer, she has given us an opportunity into her life through this book. When one gets diagnosed with something so horrific, how does one cope and what does one do with her days? Nina Riggs offers insights and poses numerous questions that speak of gratitude, living, dying and the humor of it all. I’ll leave you with a great question she asks, “What makes a meaningful life when one has limited time?”

Read it here: The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs


3. Steve Jobs

Numerous books on Steve Jobs are out there, but this one holds more truth since Steve Jobs gave permission and cooperated with the writing of this book. Forty interviews and two years later, a book that holds nothing back about Steve Jobs was released. Walter Isaacson takes you on a windy road of his life that makes you feel like Steve Job’s shadow. Steve Jobs was a fascinating man with specific principles and a stubbornness that  some may say charming or fearful (you be the judge). From his ups and downs to his new beginnings that has led him to create a lasting impact on the technology we use today, this book is an adventure.

Read it here: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson



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