I’m not an excessive jewelry person, but I do like jewelry and I do like bringing it along with me when I travel. I’ve been wanting find a travel jewelry case that met all my needs, but I never got a chance to put any research into it. I literally used an old Banana Republic jewelry box (one of those boxes they put your jewelry in when you buy something from them) as a traveling jewelry case. My problem was solved when I received a travel jewelry case as a gift from my boyfriend’s mother for Christmas (2017). Ever since then my packing experience has been enhanced and I don’t go without it!

1. Leatherology Large Jewelry Travel Case

This is the perfect size for all your jewelry storage needs. It has zippered pouches, button loops and earring holders with a zippered closure so nothing falls out. It’s easy to hold and conceals as an ‘agenda’ for anyone looking to rummage through your case. What’s even better? You can get it personalized with your initials so there is no getting confused who’s is who. Great as bridesmaid gifts!

Buy it here: Leatherology Large Jewelry Travel Case (comes in various colors)

2. Rustic Roll-Up Jewelry Case

This is a charming jewelry roll-up case sold by Cut Design on Etsy and created by Rafet from Europe. This is crafted to hold a variety of jewelry, while giving you an artisan feel.

Buy it here: Jewelry Case by CutDesign (comes in various colors)




3. Stacker’s Jewelry Wrap

If you’re more into a simplistic look, try this jewelry wrap. The big advantage to this case is that the compartments are movable, which means they can also be REMOVED! That means even more customization for your needs and don’t we all need that?

Buy it here: Stacker’s Jewelry Wrap

4. Smythson Mara Square Crocodile Embossed Leather Travel Case

Just got paid and wanting to splurge on something for yourself? Get this authentic, embossed crocodile case. It screams luxurious with a touch of organization. This is beautiful on the outside just as it will be in the inside with all your jewelry stored.

Buy it here: Smythson Mara Crocodile Embossed Leather Travel Case

5. Misslo Jewelry Hanging Storage Organizer

This is for the woman who want as many options as she can get and will decide day of what she’ll wear with her outfit…..depending on her mood, of course! It has 3o zippered pockets and 17 loops. This is will keep your jewelry dust-free and organized to the grid-like T. Not only is this easy to use for travel (just roll-up and pack), it’s also great for home use as it is has plentiful room for all your jewelry.

Buy it here: Misslo Jewelry Hanging Storage Organizer


Written by HAPPYNEST
I created this as a creative outlet from my full-time job.