1.  Sleep Mask

Every frequent flyer must have one of these! Whether you’re traveling at 7 AM or 3 PM, you can never determine if the person with the window seat by you will be closing their window or use it to get some Vitamin  D. Now I know this sleep mask looks like a bra for smaller boobed women, but who cares?  It gets you to sleep, it’s comfortable around the circumference of your head and most importantly… IT PROTECTS YOUR EYE-MAKE UP FROM GETTING SMUDGED! Thank us after your flight. Plus it comes with some ear plugs for those annoying people that have zero self-awareness.

Buy it here: Bedtime Bliss

2. Neck Pillow

One of the most uncomfortable feelings you can have on the plane is when you start dozing off and your neck keeps drifting off onto the person next to you. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the window seat and can lean onto the wall of the plane, but let’s be honest, you end up with a neck cramp at the end.

Introducing TRTL, the neck pillow that looks like a scarf, but acts like a pillow. Not only does it give you warmth around your neck, it’ll keep your neck in place while sleeping. See how in the photos below.

Buy it here: TRTL  – Comes in various colors.

3. Dream Water

The name says it all. It WORKS. It takes a bit to build up, but let me tell you this thing gets me to sleep like no other. It now comes in a powder pack form to bring on-the-go without taking up much room. It has natural supplements to get you fast to sleep, but make sure you will be using it for a long period of time if you take the whole packet it can knock you out for 6+ hours.

Buy it here: Dream Water

4. Satin Pillow Case

Have you  ever slept on a Satin Pillow Case before? It’s nice, comfy and it keeps your hair from tangling and snagging and face from creasing. I love that it doesn’t take much room in your bag and you can fold it up and bring it wherever.

Buy it here: Satin Pillow Case 

5. Shawlet (Shaw + Blanket)

Yes, I made that word up. Whether your flight is leaving or taking you to a warm destination, you know that plane is COLD. How can you still look like you put some effort into your outfit without bringing a bulky blanket or wearing a giant jacket? You wear a shaw that doubles as a blanket! This shawlet is made out of wool, so you know it’ll keep you warm.

Buy it here: Shawlet

Written by HAPPYNEST
I created this as a creative outlet from my full-time job.