As if the accessories industry wasn’t competitive enough, here comes the Savage Collection created by Taylor Covington, which makes it easier on us when choosing the perfect accessory. Brought up in California, spent her college years in Dallas attending SMU and later took an adventure leap to South Africa where she currently resides and credits South African surroundings to her true inspiration for the Savage Collection.

10 questions with Taylor Covington:

1.  Besides South African street culture, what else inspires your collection?  

It was at a Cape Town street market that I first laid eyes on springbok skins, but truthfully I’m inspired by all my surroundings in Cape Town. The beauty here is so free and untamed and that’s the look I strived for with the Savage Collection. I left the designs fairly simple and let the natural hide speak for itself. Every springbok is different so each bag takes on a personality of it’s own. Some are fluffier, some have more distinct and colorful stripes. I can’t promise that the bag you receive will look exactly like the bag in the product shot, but it’s cool to think that your bag is unique and truly one of a kind.

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 8.33.56 PM

2.  Describe the type of girl that would carry a Savage Collection bag?

A Savage girl is as unique as the bag she’s wearing. You have no idea what she is going to do, say, or wear next. She makes her own rules when it comes to attire and social behavior and for that reason no one can take their eyes off her. She doesn’t follow the trends, she sets them. She’s fearless and one of a kind.


3.  Your bags are exclusively springbok, calf leather and/or cow suede. Do you have plans to work with other materials?

Yes, definitely. I love working with springbok hide because the colors and textures are so different, but I’ve been playing around with croc and ostrich [both indigenous to South Africa] and hope to incorporate one or the other in the next collection.

4.  How do you envision the Taylor Covington brand five years from now?

In five years, I’d love to have my own factory where I can expand my product range to include jewelry, clothing and possibly furniture. My head is constantly running wild with ideas, I just need the tools and space to make it happen.

 5.  What’s your favorite bag from the collection?

I honestly can’t choose! I love all of them equally and for different reasons. The Giant Body Bag is the perfect shopping companion, the Boho Boss Satchel great for work or school [measured to fit a macbook and several notebooks]. The Little Hobo and Hands Free Clutch (pictured  on Taylor below) are actually so deceptive in size and great for every day use – I carry a wallet, makeup bag, business card holder and cell phone and I still have room for more! And the Fohawk Shoulder Bag is such a statement piece, I love to wear it with a simple outfit and ‘wow’ others in the room.

Boho Boss Satchel

6.  Which fashion designer do you admire most?

I could go on for hours about the big guys like Alexander McQueen, Philip Lim, Prabal and Theyskens, but right now I’m really inspired by newcomer Pamela Love. She started making jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment in 2006 and now she’s a full-blown, respected designer who was honored Best Accessories Designer at this years CFDA Awards. I think her brand is so successful because it’s a true reflection of herself. She’s got an edgy, tribal, boho thing going on and every piece she creates is consistent with that style. For any designer, I think the most important thing is to know who you are and be your own brand.

 7.  Which celebrity you would love to see wearing one of your bags?

Models are my celebrities so I’d have to go with Cara Delevigne. She’s ridiculously beautiful, but she’s a bit of a firecracker actually and I think that’s why people are so fascinated by her. I’d love to see how she styled one of my bags.

 8.  What’s the most interesting place you’ve taken one of your bags?

Hmmm… I wear my bags 24/7 so that’s tough. They’re so versatile and work with both casual and dressy looks. I’ve taken them everywhere from African safaris, to wine tasting in Franschoek, to jetsetting overseas.  My bags have seen a lot! 

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 8.31.01 PM

9.  How does fashion in South Africa compare to fashion in Texas?

The fashion in South Africa is very diverse, much like the population so that’s hard to answer. If I were to examine my social circle, I would say my South Africans friends prefer a more relaxed, organic look. The shopping malls are so average, but there’s great markets where locals sell their handcrafted items like tribal jewelry, leather oxfords, and printed scarves, etc. In Dallas, my girlfriends are much more tailored and feminine. They lean towards designer labels and bigger is always better. Bigger hair, bigger heels, bigger gems. I have to admit I do miss dressing up! I can’t even remember the last time I put on a pair of heels.

10.  What’s the number one thing you miss about Dallas, Texas?

There’s so much I miss about Dallas! Country music, cowboys boots, tailgating, bbq sauce and bottomless mimosas at brunch…! What’s not to love? Texas will always be very close to my heart.


Written by HAPPYNEST
I created this as a creative outlet from my full-time job.