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The Yogaru 108 Asana Yoga Cards are designed as an easy to follow sequencing guide for all levels of experience, to make your practice more accessible at home, travelling or when building a class.

Each card has alignment cues, levels guide, a unique coding system based on yoga anatomy, and Sanskrit/English asana names. The cards also come with sample sequences and an extensive list of asana benefits to help you tailor to your needs.


Designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher, the cards are divided into Asana families, starting with Warm up and ending with Restorative. There are two different ways to build your sequence – simply pick a selection of asana using the Levels guide to suit your level of experience or pick a Peak pose you would like to work towards and use the anatomy coding system to build your sequence. 


Each card has a level guide to help you pick suitable poses for your level of experience. If you are a beginner, pick a range of Level 1 cards; if you are intermediate, introduce Level 2 cards; and if you have an advanced practice, include Level 3 cards. Pick a range of different poses – starting with Warm up and finishing with Restorative. For every 30 minutes of practice, include 5 minutes of Savasana.


The cards also have a collection of anatomy codes to help you understand which muscles of the body are being stretched and/or strengthened. When sequencing, start by identifying a ‘peak pose’ you would like to explore. Then pick a selection of poses from a variety of families that work one or more of the muscle groups from your chosen pose. Working from simple poses to more challenging ones, a well-balanced practice will include all of the families – starting with Warm up and finishing with Restorative.

Yogaru 108 Asana Yoga Sequencing Cards

SKU: 9781789265675

Product Weight: 0.5kg

Made In UK

Size: Box size 16.7cm x 12.2cm x 3.8cm. Card size 10.5cm x 7.5cm

ISBN 9781789265675

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