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Our philosophy

Our studio’s philosophy


Our Moto is "Happiness is on your mat". 

Happynes't - a play of words between happiness and happy nest - opened in Kyoto a few steps away from Gojo Station in October 2019.

The purpose of the studio is to create a place where everyone can feel a sense of joy, comfort and cocoon. A nest where everybody feels welcomed, taken care of, and safe.

With Happynes’t, we want to create a place where people can learn, breathe, relax from the stress of everyday life, experience new things, new sensations and exchange. And at the same time, maybe have the feeling to travel to a different location (a different continent, a different environment).

And as we embrace diversity - diversity of body types, diversity of nationalities, diversity of languages, diversity of cultures - we hope for Happynes’t to be place that creates bridges/connections: between people, between different cultures, between different techniques.

With an international-minded philosophy, We dedicate ourselves to serve our community by offering a beautiful nest to practice Yoga and Pilates, and by sharing positive energy.


Our Nest

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Nestled in the emblematic Tsukuru Bldg, a few steps away from Gojo Station, Happynes't seeks to be a small haven of peace, relaxation, sophistication and European atmosphere. 

It draws its inspiration from the culture and design from diverse countries from Europe.

The entrance is located on the side of the building, on Shinmachi street. A small entrance, a long corridor and find our little gem.

As soon as you enter, you can feel the calm and relaxed atmosphere of our studio.

Welcoming you as soon as you arrive, our lounge area, is the perfect place to soothe your mind, to relax and enjoy complementary organic tea after class. Our statement piece of art on the walls, created by the French artist Charlotte Marchand and entitled "Le Château Bleu", takes you on a journey and awakens your mind.

Finally, you step through the door into the studio, bathed in light and adorned with multitude of plants.

With its diverse courses, its quality materials and special touches, Happynes't hopes to offer an overall welcoming, pleasant and rewarding experience


Lounge area


Men's Changing room

Women's Changing room


Entrance via Shinmachi street

Gojo Street

Our nest

About Vanessa

My name is Vanessa luckx

Introduced to yoga, Pilates and other techniques through dance, Vanessa has always been passionate about movement, movement research and therapy. Professional dancer and certified Pilates teacher, she completed her training by taking a course in shiatsu, and then in traditional Chinese medicine, opening herself up to a different perception of being, where body and mind form a whole. Listening to your body, developing your inner strength, and sharing a good time are what motivate her. With more than 20 years experience, she is dedicated to helping clients discover and develop awareness, harmony and energy, transcend their limitations and explore and develop their physical and energetic potential.

Founder of Happynes’t, Vanessa comes originally from Brussels, Belgium. She’s happy to create bridges between Kyoto and Belgium, happy to promote a better understanding between both cultures!

About Vanessa

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