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Our classes philosophy

Our classes philosophy


Diversity, open-mindedness, and respect are the foundations of our studio.

As paths towards happiness, well-being and growth are plentiful and unique, we want to encourage everyone to be yourself. And, for this purpose, we want to offer different options to suit your needs and objectives.

In an international-minded spirit, we provide our classes in an easy-to-understand English.  Our purpose is of course to welcome everyone. But we also want to go beyond the spoken language, and share our passion, our energy, and movements language common to the whole Yoga and Pilates communities in the world.    

We aim to serve our community by creating a safe and enjoyable environment where everyone, regardless of the origins, culture or language, can relax, practice and engage with the others.


​We believe that Pilates and Yoga are more than just physical practices. There are lifestyles. It is way more than being flexible, or being skinny, or being strong. It is about developing self-awareness, and consciousness. It is about developing the potential of our body. It is about going beyond our limits, but also learning to accept ourself for who we are. It is about developing flexibility and strength in our mind.


Our classes

The courses we offer follow methods drawn from different cultures, each having the art of breathing as its basis.

As we embraces diversity in the techniques we teach, we encourage our students to combine different class styles and different teacher styles in order to maximize the benefits of the practice.We believe that each technique supports and complements one another.

Each method taught, through breathing and through its philosophy, enables one to find one’s centre, to live in the present moment, to find harmony between body, mind and soul and to achieve unity.

Our classes

Our Instructors

Our instructors

A few tips to enjoy your experience at Happynes't...


We recommend light clothing, whatever you feel comfortable with (shorts, leggings and tank top).


We provide all the material necessary, yoga mat and accessories (without additional fee). If you prefer, you can of course take your own yoga mat.

Class experience

  • Come to class on a semi-empty stomach and try not to eat any heavy meals 2-3 hours before class. However, make sure you are well nourished as you will need energy for your class.

  • Be well hydrated and drink plenty of water before class.

  • Wash your feet and hands before entering the yoga room.

  • Talk to your teacher before class about any injuries or special conditions you have that might affect your practice. This way teachers will know what modifications to give you to make your practice more accessible.

  • Stay in the room during the all class. You may lie down or rest at any time, but commit to staying in the room for the entire class.

  • Relax about the language, and your skill in English. This is a Pilates&Yoga studio, not a language school. The teachers will always make sure to give clear and comprehensible explanations.

Level of Classes

Most of our classes are suitable for newcomers. If you are unsure about which class to do, don't hesitate to ask our staff.


  • Arrive at least10 minutes prior to class start time (First comers are advised to arrive 20 minutes before the class starts).

  • Mobile phone in off mode

  • Respect the calm that prevails in the studio

  • Avoid chatting during the classes.

  • Leave shoes, clothes and large items in the changing room. 

  • Don't bring personal belongings into the studio.

  • Come to class on a semi-empty stomach (no food 2 hours prior to class).

  • Wash your feet and hands prior to class.

  • Refrain from wearing any fragrances.

  • Don't step on the Yoga mat of other participants.

  • Store the material on the designated storage in an orderly fashion

...And above all, enjoy!

Our guidelines

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