It is the mind itself which shapes the body

Friedrich von Schiller

Our philosophy


Diversity, open-mindedness, and respect are the foundations of our studio.

As paths towards happiness, well-being and growth are plentiful and unique, we want to encourage everyone to be yourself. And, for this purpose, we want to offer different options to suit your needs and objectives.

In an international-minded spirit, we provide our classes in an easy-to-understand English.  Our purpose is of course to welcome everyone. But we also want to go beyond the spoken language, and share our passion, our energy, and movements language common to the whole Yoga and Pilates communities in the world.    

We aim to serve our community by creating a safe and enjoyable environment where everyone, regardless of the origins, culture or language, can relax, practice and engage with the others.


Our Classes

The courses we offer follow methods drawn from different cultures, each having the art of breathing as its basis.

As we embraces diversity in the techniques we teach, we encourage our students to combine different class styles and different teacher styles in order to maximize the benefits of the practice.We believe that each technique supports and complements one another.

Each method taught, through breathing and through its philosophy, enables one to find one’s centre, to live in the present moment, to find harmony between body, mind and soul and to achieve unity.


Our Online Classes

Happynes't goes online and proposes classes via the platform Zoom.

In this stressful time filled with uncertainty and fear, let's pause for a moment, breathe, and live the present moment,  "right here, right now".  We believe sincerely that Pilates and Yoga are now the best practice to keep moving at home, to stimulate your immune system and to calm the ups and downs of your emotions. We want to be there for you, for our community. We hope that our classes can support you, so you can take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


Interested in joining our online classes?

Make sure you register on MINDBODY and book the class you are interested in on that platform.

Provide a correct email address.

15 to 20 minutes before the class starts, we will send on your email address, a link and password to join the class on Zoom.

​You can download the Zoom app' on your mobile or Ipad or access zoom directly through your browser on your PC.

As these are interactive classes, we suggest you activate your video on your device so the teacher can see you and correct you. 

​But we suggest you deactivate the other participants's video and mic on your own device, so you won't be disturb by them and will see only the teacher


Our Schedule


Our schedule offers you a wide variety of Pilates and Yoga classes.

Whether you are a first-time student or a long-time practitioner, you will find a class that guides you toward physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

You can start anytime, any of our classes. But if you feel unsure, we will advise the most suitable classes depending on your objectives.


Our Prices

We offer flexible pricing, various class cards and several membership options.
You can walk in anytime to attend a class or to become a member.  No contractual agreements or fixed term contracts are required.  We would love to help you find the best pricing option for you, based on your schedule and goals.


Studio class passes and memberships give access to any classes in our studio or online

Tax included

No membership fee

Mat included


Online class passes give access to online classes

Tax included

No membership fee


Prices for Private/Duo classes at our studio, online, or at you place

Tax included

No membership fee





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