It is the mind itself which shapes the body

Friedrich von Schiller


Our Classes

The courses we offer follow methods drawn from different cultures, each having the art of breathing as its basis.

As we embraces diversity in the techniques we teach, we encourage our students to combine different class styles and different teacher styles in order to maximize the benefits of the practice.We believe that each technique supports and complements one another.

Each method taught, through breathing and through its philosophy, enables one to find one’s centre, to live in the present moment, to find harmony between body, mind and soul and to achieve unity.



Pre- and Post-natal


Our Prices

We offer flexible pricing, various class cards and several membership options.
You can walk in anytime to attend a class or to become a member.  No contractual agreements or fixed term contracts are required.  We would love to help you find the best pricing option for you, based on your schedule and goals.


Studio class passes and memberships give access to any classes in our studio or online

Tax included

No membership fee

Mat included


Online class passes give access to online classes

Tax included

No membership fee


Prices for Private/Duo classes at our studio, online, or at you place

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No membership fee



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